SOS Supplies – help organisations source urgent PPE

SOS Supplies is a grassroots initiative led by Hammock’s CEO and Founder, Manoj Varsani.

SOS Supplies connects charities, NHS hospitals and practices and other organisations in need of urgent protective equipment with suppliers who can offer PPE in the UK, with fast delivery and at a fair price.

Head over to the SOS Supplies website to find out more.

SOS Supplies is powered by Hammock

SOS Supplies was created by Hammock’s CEO and the whole Team Hammock is involved in running it, together with friends and other volunteers.

However, SOS Supplies is an independent non-profit initiative and it doesn’t have any business links with Hammock.

How you can help

Grow the SOS Supplies network

  • Direct any organisations in need of urgent PPE to this registration form.
  • Any suppliers of PPE can leave their details here.


We’ve closed a first successful fundraise on Gofundme of £5k and we’re now running a second one for £15k in partnership with Harrow Carers. All the funds we raise will be spent on PPE to distribute to the organisations registered with SOS Supplies.

Donate here.

Spread the word

Pick the social network you prefer and give us a shout out, it’ll help us find more organisations to connect with!